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Company Profile

METAZ Týnec a.s. foundry is a major manufacturer of steel and aluminium alloy castings. The company has undergone extensive changes since its foundation; the major change occurred in 1992 when it was privatized and renamed as METAZ a.s. In 2011 it was bought by a new owner and renamed as METAZ Tynec a.s.

METAZ Týnec a.s. currently employs 210 people and has an annual turnover of 200 million CZK ( USD11.9 mio). Company products are exported to EU countries and to the USA. More than 50 % of METAZ Týnec a.s. castings production is primarily intended for the automotive industry. However, castings for combustion and agricultural technology represent a significant 16 % of total production and 5 %  is used in air conditioning, rail and commercial vehicles and rest in other engineering industries.

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